Tree House’s TNR Fees Are Now Lowered to $30

Have you been dying to neuter an alley full of cats but our $50 TNR fee seemed out of reach? Well, worry no longer. Tree House is lowering our TNR fees to $30, effective immediately.

He’s just heard about our plans. He’s still processing the information.

Cats all around Chicago are scurrying under cars as they hear the news, but they’re no match for our expert Colony Caretakers and trappers. You will find them, you will trap them, and we (well, specifically Dr. Emily) will neuter them. And spay them. And microchip and vaccinate and provide flea treatment.

All for $30.

We believe this is in line with our mission to reach as many cats as possible in the Chicago area to help stem the tide of kittens that is rising with the temperatures. Spaying and neutering also prevents the spread of diseases like FIV and FeLV, as well as illnesses due to overcrowding and malnourishment. With a more accessible fee, we hope to reach more cats and communities than ever before.

TNR services are available to registered colony caretakers by appointment only. Interested in becoming one? Email us at or call 773-262-4000.





Tree House.

Neuter is Cuter! Hurray for Spay!

Greetings, Tree House Supporters!

Today, we launch our yearly Spay & Neuter campaign, where we ask for your donations to help us remove the kitten-causing bits of cats all over Chicago. In 2018, you helped us spay/neuter 785 cats. This year, our goal is to increase that by almost 200% for a grand total of 1,200 surgeries.

If you happen to get our Spay & Neuter Appeal in the mail, you’ll get to see how Chip and Dip, some of our neutered cats, feel about the whole ordeal. Chip may refer to his manhood as “an empty showpiece,” but we want you to trust us and believe that it’s for his best. Here’s why: 600 males and 600 females, unsterilized, would produce at least 24,000 kittens in five years. That’s over five times the number of cats Tree House is able to adopt out in the same amount of time. And with kitten season just around the corner, now is the time.

Now, some might say that we’re trying to put ourselves out of business by bringing cat numbers down. This may be true – business isn’t our number one goal; cats are. We want to see them thrive. We want to see them all in happy, loving homes. And, if there are more cats than homes, that can’t happen, so the best solution is Spay and Neuter to make sure that all cats can live safe, healthy, lives.

One surgery costs $50. If you think about it, that’s $50 now to prevent $1000 worth of surgeries in the next 5 years. Clearly, that’s just good financial sense. So, if you’re interested in helping us create a humane future for every cat in the city of Chicago, follow this link to read more about this year’s Spay & Neuter Appeal.  If you’re simply ready to join in our cause, click here to donate.  You will be our hero.


Tree House.



**Post edited to remove the info about the Marvel giveaway event that has passed.***